ExRated: Review quotes of the moment!

"She is pretty awesome. She cleans, cooks, and drinks beer. She doesn't make you pay for everything, but definitely deserves and expects to be treated like a lady. All in all, she is awesome."

"She was just out of a Divorce so not sure what she was looking for.
Not bad as a one night stand but free spirited so not really good"

"Kristen could be a good girlfriend if she wasn't out of her freakin mind! when she told me she'd f@!ked 20 dudes before it was a rap! "

"It's rare to meet someone who is intellectually and artistically gifted while also being a easy-going and down-to-earth individual. Only wish I had the chance to know him better before he relocated to the West Coast (we literally met only days beforehand)."

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